Goodbye Halloween! It’s the end of the year already?

I cannot believe how fast this year is going! It’s really gotten away from me. Somehow Halloween has been and gone. Only a couple of local munchkins knocked on our door this year. So I still have a full back of dairy milk chocolates in the cupboard if anyone wants to come over…

Next thing you know Santa Radio will be blaring, I’ll have Fairytale of New York on repeat and I’ll be finding out just how much Ed will hate our Christmas Tree (I’m predicting – a lot).

But back to Halloween. The Halloween Break is not a holiday in the North as it is in the South, but with the wedding season still upon me (personally), I got to avail of some further days off that happened to coincide with the haunting season.

Tiernan and I were invited to a Halloween wedding! The dress code was black and the attention to detail, unbelievable. If you’re going to do a Halloween wedding you have to go all out, right?


Heres a picture of us in our black. Taken by our friend Ash!

So the cat went back to the cat hotel (for the second time this month) and I drove down to the same hotel Tiernan and I had our Irish wedding in. This wedding was a lot bigger than our so it wasn’t in the Old House but in the massive ballroom at the other end of the complex.

I collected Tiernan in Dublin and we headed for Naas, arriving just after lunch the day before the wedding. I had the great idea to book a spa treatment at the hotel with the idea of spending the day relaxing before checking into the hotel. An hour of hydrotherapy – which basically means warm water and being pummelled by jets and – was followed by the longest massage I have ever had! An hour and a half of exfoliating (the lady told me I had really smooth skin and I was like “thanks, you did it”), rubbing me with bamboo and oils and I know not what else. I think I even fell asleep at one point. It was the best. Meanwhile, Tiernan went to the bar and started on pints.

At half four I slunk out of the spa very reluctantly and Tiernan and I went to check in. We had to queue for ages before getting to the desk. Then, when we said our names, the lady said there was no booking for us. They took a lot of responsibility, checking other names and stuff, but then I realized. I had originally booked the hotel for the nights of Halloween – the 30th and the 31st. I had forgotten to change it to the 29th and 30th (for some reason the couple weren’t able to have the wedding on the 31st). With another wedding that day there were no last minute rooms available and we had to slink back to Dublin for the night.

Tiernan managed to console me with a huge steak for Cafe 31 in Cabinteely (a favourite restaurant of ours) and a long Pokemon hunt on Dun Laoghaire pier. But it was not a hotel stay. It was OK in the end, though. We simply went back the next day, pre-dressed in out black best, and checked in then. We always have a wedding drama story and this one was a cracker.

That is all the weddings and special holidays completed until after Christmas now. I feel a little sad. Perhaps I can look forward to the Christmas Dinner for work (that I still haven’t put my dues in for – what’s the bet I’ll miss my space on that, too?). AND next week we are going to buy a sofa that turns into a bed and then all the major items of furniture will be complete. Swiftly to be followed by that house video. I feel like that’s a major milestone for me. A furnished house.

Anything coming up for you guys before Christmas?


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Halloween! It’s the end of the year already?

  1. Oh no that’s quite the mishap but sounds just like something I’d do. At least you had the massage though! I hope the wedding was good, sounds like a fun occasion.


  2. I can’t believe the end of the year is so close! I’m not ready yet… it was only just August, wasn’t it?

    I have so many things coming up before Christmas… a visitor, Jan’s mum’s 60th, more visitors, work Christmas meal, even more visitors… I feel exhausted already just thinking about it!


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