My Travel Bucket List for 2017

On the way to IKEA on Monday I threatened Tiernan with the prospect of planning our holidays for next year. I usually have a fair idea by now of what travel the following year will hold. Until recently I haven’t managed to think any further than December; when we depart on our 8 week holiday to New Zealand. Whoop!

Tonight, after writing my 1700 words for NaNoWriMo and after watching an episode of The Crown (which is OMG), I sat quietly for a bit and thought about the things I would like to do next year. There are a great many places I would like to go in general (salute). But this is the list of what I think I could manage next year… maybe.

So, here is my trip wishlist for 2017. Some are planned, some are pre-planned and some are just all-things-going-well hopes. I decided to do something different and split them into my top five long hauls and top five city breaks.

Top Five Long Hauls for 2017

1. New Zealand

I’m putting this one in because it’s the only one I know is definitely going to happen! We’re going on an extended holiday to finally do all those backyard things I never did when I lived in New Zealand. It’s going to include many instances of camping, hiking and even an overnight kayak. Unless you already live in New Zealand, be prepared for some serious trip envy!

2. Norway

This would be a Northern Lights adventure sometime around November. Tiernan and I have wanted to do a trip like this for some time. We considered Iceland or the north of Canada but Norway seems like the place to go. It would be a real investment in an experience, though. So we shall see if that comes to pass.

3. New York City to Orlando, USA Roadtrip

Another big dream that will probably end up smaller – if we manage to do it at all. This trip may end up being and NYC city break. Although I would also settle for a trip to the US deep south. My fantasy is a months-long road trip around the whole of the States. Realistically, it will probably get chopped up into legs to be tackled one at a time.

4. Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

Ok, maybe this is reaching a little too far. I don’t think this one will happen next year, but it would be cool if it did! I actually saw this in my Facebook ads feed (because Google is watching me). Fortunately my ads are really we geared towards me – so Gorilla trekking is on the list!

5. Petra, Jordan

A real bucket list destination! Everyone has to see this wonder once, right? The only thing putting me off is that it must be on everyone else’s bucket list, too. And therefore crawling with tourists. So maybe not…

Top Five City Breaks for 2017

1. Bruges

Bruges is the storybook town I have always wanted to see in person. Probably the most bucket-listy thing on my bucket-list. This is one town that had been on the list for a very long time. Perhaps it’s time to tick it off?

2. Prague

I mean, of course.

3. Athens

Ever since my camera broke at Delphi, I have wanted to go back to Athens on a nice day and spend it photographing ruins. Although I have been there before the memories are so hazy and unsupported by photos that I may as well have stayed home!

4. Copenhagen

You know, I can’t remember why Tiernan and I said we would go here. After out France-Italy road trip in 2013, I began planning one through Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands. It never eventuated, but I clearly remember us both wanting to go to Copenhagen. So maybe 2017 is the year?

5. Valencia

My friend Brigette’s idea. Would be neat to get to go for Las Fallas fire festival! At the very least it will be a chance to eat paella. Mmm…

Where are you off to next year? Or where would you like to go?


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