rache tiernan italy

Conas atá tú? Is mise Rachel! Is Nua-Shéalannach mé ach tá mé i mo chónaí i mBéal Feirste anois. Fáilte go dtí mo bhlag!

We’re a young, engaged couple living in Ireland. Rachel is a half-aussie/half-kiwi. She’s lived in Brunei, Australia and the Philippines before settling in Ireland. She loves puppies and kittens, cake, travel, learning Irish and is responsible for the general blog posting.

Tiernan is born and bred Dublin. He is a tour guide by day – escorting bus loads of people all around Ireland, cracking bad jokes and teaching them a bit of Irish. By night he is responsible for the vlog section, which is about to improve significantly thanks to Go Pro!


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  1. Was just blog-surfing and came across your Philippine food posts. I wish I’d seen them before I visited there…because I just had no idea what to eat! Everything you wrote about looks delicious!! Guess it’s a good excuse to go back and visit again!! 😀


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